Studio Policy

My obligations

As your teacher I will treat you as an individual.  I will nurture your musical talents and help you to set and realise your musical goals.  I will tailor my teaching skills to suit your age, ability and learning style to best develop your potential.  I will impart to you a sound technique and I will provide opportunity for performance at the Hibiscus Coast Music Teachers’ events.  I encourage students to work towards the Royal Schools Music Examinations as this provides a framework for study and rewards you with internationally recognised qualifications, I will thoroughly prepare you for these if you choose to study for them however they are not compulsory!

I will provide 40 scheduled lessons per year which mostly mirror the 4 School Terms.


Student obligations

Students are expected to enrol for the full year.  Students who start part way through the year will be enrolled until the end of that year. 

Students need to provide:

  • A suitable instrument
  • A clear pocket file
  • A shoulder rest (violin students)
  • Violin students should have a music stand at home

Music books and materials must be purchased promptly when requested or may be bought from the studio in some instances.



There are no refunds or credits for missed lessons.  Your tuition fee reserves an exclusive weekly time in my schedule; I cannot resell that time if you are absent.

Please advise me of any absence by text as soon as possible.  If I know I have a space later in the week it will be made available to you.

If I am unable to teach you for any reason I will reschedule the lesson; often this will be during the school holidays.

Termination of lessons before the end of the year will only be possible in exceptional circumstances.  There will also need to be a student available from the waiting list to fill your slot for the remainder of the year.
There is a Termination Fee of the next billed month's fees for lessons terminated during the year.



Students are required to make time for regular practice, at least 5 times a week.  The length of the practice will vary according to their age and level.  Parents of children will be expected to help the student find a suitable time to fit in their practice and to encourage and support the child in their endeavours.

With regular practice students will advance more quickly, reach their goals and enjoy a greater sense of achievement and fulfilment.  I will provide practice tips, solutions and guidance individual to each student.