My name is Cathryn Morris, born in England I studied violin and piano as a child and spent many of my school holidays travelling around Europe on youth orchestra tours.  This helped to fuel my two passions: Music and Travel.  After studying the violin and piano at the Royal College of Music I free-lanced as a professional violinist in London and taught the violin in several schools.

In 1996 I emigrated to New Zealand where I have taught the violin and piano extensively; including at St Kentigern School and College, Carmel College, Pinehurst School and Corran.  I played the violin as an associate for the Auckland Philharmonia and was the principal 2nd violin for the Auckland Chamber Orchestra prior to the birth of my son.

During my 30 years teaching I have discovered the joy of helping students to achieve their musical goals.  In my private studio I have taught many adult students (even starting the violin for the first time in their seventies) and every one of them has been amazed by how much they have achieved, they are so proud of themselves.  It is wonderful for me to see first hand that it is never too late to realise your dreams, and that with the right instruction you can do anything you want to do and more!

Equally there is nothing better than guiding a child or young person as they work towards a goal, maybe something big like an exam or recital, or a small challenge such as learning a note name or clapping a rhythm correctly, and then seeing the joy, pride and satisfaction they experience when they are successful.

My teaching style and materials are constantly evolving to ensure the best outcome for my students.  I tailor my methods to reflect the age and learning styles of the individual.  The programme for school age children now includes a simple incentive scheme which helps to keep them focused and rewards them for their efforts.  I also employ "away from the instrument" tools when they are appropriate to facilitate and reinforce learning and to refocus the occasional tired brain!

Please phone me with any queries or to book a slot in my schedule on 09 421 0280 / 021 166 9492 or register for lessons using the registration page.  Alternatively you can send any questions to me using the contact form.

Let me know your aspirations and together we can work to make them a reality!