Welcome to the Morris Music Studio in Red Beach on the Hibiscus Coast, home of violin and piano tuition for all ages. My name is Cathryn Morris, I am a passionate violin teacher and piano teacher who delights in seeing my students of all ages achieving and enjoying musical success.  

Whether you are a complete beginner, are now moving on to more advanced study or returning to an instrument after a long break I can help you to reach your musical goals.

"I just wanted to thank you for encouraging Hannah to enter today's festival. It was a pleasure to hear her play. It literally made me cry!! I was so proud of her!! Thank you also for your skill and patience with her violin tuition. She very much enjoys playing and it showed today. She was so happy with her certificate!!" Helen McCabe

My individual approach to teaching has helped many students of all ages over the past 30 years to realise their potential and often exceed their own expectations as they have easily mastered a sound technique, understood note reading and musical theory and found enjoyment making beautiful music.

Please phone me with any queries or to book a slot in my schedule on 09 421 0280 / 021 166 9492 or register for lessons using the registration page.  Alternatively you can send any questions to me using the contact form.

Instrumental lessons are proven to:

  • Stimulate multiple patterns of brain development
  • Improve the reading skills of young children
  • Boost gains in memory
  • Improve verbal fluency
  • Increase speed in processing information
  • Improve planning abilities
  • Increase IQ

Let me know your aspirations and together we can work to make them a reality!